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Own Your E-commerce Website: 9k+ Products, Daily Updates

Ready to dive into e-commerce without the hassle? Our program offers a swift and rewarding journey. Here's what you need to know:

1. Custom Website Creation: We build a website just for you, tailored to your desires, complete with a domain name of your choice.

2. Expansive Product Range: Your website arrives preloaded with 9,000+ products and a daily influx of 20 to 50 fresh items. Discover trendy selections like clothing, sunglasses, watches, and female wallets and purses.

3. Pricing Freedom: Craft your profit margins as high as you fancy. Your earnings, your choice.

What We Handle:

1. Website Management: Technicalities? We've got them covered. We ensure your site runs smoothly and stays captivating.

2. Daily Product Updates: Staying vibrant is simple – we add 20 to 50 new products daily, captivating your audience with novel offerings.

3. Packaging & Shipping: We take care of packing and shipping logistics, guaranteeing your customers receive their orders flawlessly.

Your Responsibilities:

1. Promotion & Social Media: Spread the word and gain followers. Engage on social media to boost your brand's presence.

2. Daily Engagement: Keep your audience enthralled with daily reels we provide.


Website Setup Fee: ?50,000 (Domain charges extra)

Per Order Charges: 20% of order value

Example: Here's your potential earnings on a sale: Product Vendor Price: ?550 Your Margin: ?1000

Total Selling Price: ?1550 Minus Product Cost: ?550 Minus 20% Order Charge: ?200

Your Earnings per Order: ?800 (Shipping charges not included)

Witness Success:

View a live example of triumph with our program:

Unlock the doors to e-commerce prosperity. We manage the intricacies while you shape your brand and expand your digital presence. Start today – your thriving business awaits!

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